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Prophetic Hebrew Year Ayin Tet

The Psalmist David invites us to „ Come and see what the Lord has done, the amazing things he has done on the earth.“ Psalm 46:8
Facts: Decade of 70s run from 5770-5779. Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet has a numerical value and also prophetic pictures. The year 5779 is Ayin Tet (79) is made up of Ayin=70 and Tet=9
ע - Ayin
Looks like Two eyes connected together. Represents the Eye - can be the evil or the good eye
Matthew 6:22-23 The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is sound, your entire body will be full of light. But if your eye is unsound, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the very light in you is darkened, how dense is that darkness! Ayin /70 - it represents the nations of the world. Where 70 appears: 70 descendants of Jacob walked into Egypt A lot has happened in relation to Israel in the 70s decade including the recognition of Jerusalem as being the capital of Israel Israel celebrating it 70th Independence Day  This is a sign that God’s eyes are roaming around to watch the wicked and the good. Prov 15: 3 God is also closely watching the relations between the nations and Israel. Gregorian calender 2019 19 has a prophetic significance of faith so I believe we are in a time where we are walking in great faith. In Hebrew 19 is written as a combination of 10-Yod and 9-Tet. We can also sum up the meanings of ten and nine to get the significance of the number nineteen. י - Yod Yod/10: Divine order, completed cycle, a complete group/ congregation/ body/ kingdom, God’s omnipresence. ט - Tet “Tet” is the 9th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and numerically equals 9. Picture symbols- Tet is shaped like a womb with an opening, a coiled snake-linked to the serpent/evil or a basket/container. Where we find the number 9: · 9 month pregnancy period · 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22,23) · 3rd/9th hour of prayer · beginning of new year for the Jew- Rosh Hashanah (29 - 1.10) · Yom Kippur 9.10.2019 - Day of atonement. Symbols of 9 (Tet) Completion/ Finality, Judgement, Fruitfulness, Womb (birth), Multiplication, Concealment (hidden baby), Harvest, Container, Vessel, Basket, carrier of blessings and good things, etc Judgement: " Examine/Judge yourselves to see whether you are in the faith . Don’t you realise that Yeshua the Messiah is in you? Unless you fail to pass the test."   2 Cor 13:5 God’s eyes are roaming around to watch/judge the wicked and the good. P rov 15:3 and He is also watching over Israel and other nations connected to it. Bless Israel and you will be be blessed, curse Israel and you will be cursed. Goodness /Fruitfulness The earlier form of Tet looks more like a Basket/ something surrounding a thing - ancient Jews were nomads so they used baskets a lot- made of clay or wicker, for carrying/ storing/ fishing . Tet is a Hebrew symbol of good. Be a carrier of God’s goodness for we are vessels of the Lord. 9 is linked to pregnancy - 9 month cycle. Tet looks like/ symbolises a womb . The presence of a womb denotes the capability  of fruitfulness and birthing. Its up to us to go after conceiving a baby. We have a part to play. Be fruitful. Conceive, Grow, Travail/Push and Prevail / Birth. It is a Giving season : a carrier is a vessel: Use what God gives you including your talents and gifts to go after your God given dream. Don’t waste opportunities. Be a Faithful steward. Qualities of Tet: 9 is an inverted 6. This means that according to how you look at it or how you place it, Tet could represent something positive (good) or negative (bad/evil). It is be a good time to judge ourselves, to align our lives to mirror the Christ living in us. We are being called to clean and bring your house (life) in order. Jesus is coming soon! As tet is Two sided that is, it is 9 flipped up side down is 6, it denotes that is a year of making choices. Choose whom to follow for you can't serve two masters. (6) Year of the Snake being found and terminated. Tet is shaped like a snake. Matthew 24:4   says to watch out that no one will deceive us esp. in these last days. The enemy hides so he is not easily noticed. We need eyes to see the enemy. The type of snake to mostly be aware of in this season is the Amalekite type of snake/enemy. In the book of Esther, Haman the Agagite was a descendant of Agag, the King of the Amalekites. Isaac begot: Jacob <- Israelites & Esau <- Eliphaz- Amalek descendant <- Agag descendant <- Haman the Agagite Recap: Amalekites were the first people who attacked the Israelites without reason and this was at a time when they were weak and weary, just coming out of bondage. The hatred that Esau had against jacob was passed down to their descendants and after many years we read about the Amalekites trying to wipe off the Israelites in the book of Esther. Deut.25:19  God commands Israel to blot out the remembrance of Amalek- the people and their possessions. Saul took pity on Agag the King and when ask he gave the excuse that the animals were for a sacrifice unto the Lord. Obedience is better than sacrifice. This is what brought his downfall. You cant pity your enemy. The enemy you spare today will grow, multiply and attack you. Doku on Eagles, esp Snake-eagle When a snake eagle spots a snake, it swoops down suddenly n grabs it. Then it immediately flies upward, as the snake writhes and strikes. Priority no 1 is to minimize the danger of being poisoned. The eagles crushes and tears the head of the snake, swallowing the snake, head first. Their legs and toes are covered with thick scales protecting them from bites. Because they know what they can, they take some of the swiftest and deadliest snakes in the world. Snake island-off the coast of Malaysia. S Sea snakes live most in water where they thrive because potential predators leave then alone for they are highly poisonous. The real danger comes from the sky- The Eagles. Weakness of sea snakes-have no gills. To fill their lungs in order to breath they have to swim to the surface. Amalek today - amalekites managed to assimilate themselves within the Jew. Hiding to slowly destroy. The Amalek attack on the Jew is a type and shadow of the methods Satan uses today to steal from, to kill and to destroy Christians. Eg. through Fear, laziness, false teaching, ungodly system, etc The good news is that the snake/enemy will always show up because it needs to breath. Like the Eagle, Christians must be armed with keen vision and sharp talons. We must hunt down the Amalekite in and around us. Fast n pray but be sure to find the enemy. Once you spot it, grab it tight..have no mercy. Get it out of its territory. We Fight in the light- in the word. You loose if you fight in the enemy’s territory. You loose if you fight on his terms. Sinner fighting sin doesnt work. Find grace through the blood so you can fight against sin. Only light can fight darkness. The enemy will fight back hoping to kill you- biting you in mid air is not easy because he fights best in its territory. Fight in the air.  The weapons of our war are not carnal. They are mighty through the Holy Spirit. Adam, you have no business discussing anything with a snake. Don’t reason with a snake. If you see one, kill it. Otherwise it will pollute your mind. Snakes will Assault, Hinder your movement (bite your ankle- poison & kill you) so kill or be killed. Chop its head. Tails won’t do because the tail can grow again. My parents live in a small hill that has a forest not so it is not uncommon to find a snake in our compound. Only, when we see one, we find no rest until we chop off it head and see it dead. Amalek is still very much alive:   We read about David and his men who had just gotten victory over the Philistines. The Philistines fought head on contrary to the Amalekites who fought with cowardly methods. 1 Sam 30.  Davids men came back from war to Ziklag and found it destroyed. The town was burned down and their families were taken captive. Facing threat from the army of being stoned, David despite his agony found strength in the Lord. V8 “ And David enquired at the Lord, saying, Shall I pursue after this troop? shall I overtake them? And he answered him, Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all.“ When David and his men pursued and found the Amalekites, they where celebrating the great spoil they had taken from the land of the Philistines and from the land of Judah. David and his men killed them and took all that the Amalekites had taken. Nothing was missing small or large. Restoration! Esther 8 and 9 Season of Restoration! Nothing broken and nothing missing. Total destruction of the enemy. Season of Turned Tables:  6/9 God is using the very tool that the enemy used to harm you, to rescue you. Another form of writing Ayin. It is one of the Hebrew letters that has 3 tags ( kether) which means crown. Year of Crowning:   It is a time to submit to the Crowned Messiah, Jesus. God is the one who crowns kings. Crown = Reward/Blessings: its an image for authority and honour.  All earthly authority comes from Him ( Rom 13:1-2 ) In Psalm 21:3  King David talks of how God blessed him saying „ For You send blessings of good things to meet him; You set a crown of pure gold on his head. “ Types of Earthly and Heavenly Crowns: authority as a believer, blessings, long life , righteousness, life, crown of glory and honour Crowning comes by grace. You can't earn it. Let God crown you. When we give ourselves positions and titles, we are looking for a downfall. Let God lift you, in His time. Season of Dethroning, for those holding crowns while operating out of the covenant. Examples of such were Saul at the time when he disobeyed God, Vashti too is a picture of a dethroning, and Esther being crowned in her stead. Crowns are commonly made of Gold, sometimes decorated with other valuable stones. Gold represents God’s goodness. The streets of heaven are made of gold, the items in the Tarbanacle were majourly made out of gold. Gold signifies God's goodness that has been made available for us. Don't miss out on God’s goodness. God gives good things to His children. Separation:  true self will reveal itself in this season. The good as well as the bad. Those doing good will increase in their deeds and those doing evil even more. A clear line will be drawn between the faithful and the unfaithful. What is your stand? The way out is the Cross: John 3:14-15  And just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert [on a pole], so must [so it is necessary that] the Son of Man be lifted up [on the cross],15 In order that everyone who believes in Him [who cleaves to Him, trusts Him, and relies on Him] may [ a ]not perish, but have eternal life and [actually] live forever! For God so loved the world.... Sin brought judgement but the Messiah brought life. Just look at Him to receive Him. Jesus hung on the cross and He made Himself sin to give us life. I got part of this season's message from a prophetic painting that my daughter Favour Kimberly got as a present from a dear friend of mine who does prophetic paintings. This was in 2017 when she got a stroke and spent almost a whole month in a coma, had many surgeries with near to death moments. She spent the whole year in hospital and rehabilitation. Favour is Kimberly's name. Every detail in this painting has a prophetic meaning relevant to where we are heading to spiritually. Please subscribe to be informed when this is released. The butterfly and the Crown Colours have prophetic meanings: Red : mercy through the blood of Jesus Yellow : grace Orange: power and authority Gold:   God’ glorious presence and grace The golden Crown: we receive Crowns by and through Grace  (the 5 beads) when we go through fire (flames- red, yellow, orange) The butterfly represents transformation (a caterpillar) On its antennae are 9 beads. Since 2017 when we got this painting, I have been wondering why the beads had to be placed on the antennae and why they are 9 (Tet) in number. I began to understand the message behind the painting and God also brought to my attention that the butterfly character is part of the word was for this season. Season of Transformation: a time of finding yourself. You may be a Caterpillar now, but God called you to be a butterfly, to fly high - be what you were meant to be. Do what you were meant to do. A butterfly has an antennae which it uses to determine time and to sense flowers that have nectar so they don't waste time landing on those empty of nourishment. The antennae also helps them to find mates when the time is right. As a navigator, the antennae helps the butterflies fly in the right direction without becoming disoriented. Without spiritual antennae, we will loose it in this season. We will waste time on things that have no substance and be disoriented. We will work and mix with wrong people. Most important we won't be able to discern the times and season that we are in. Get on your spiritual antennae!

Prophetic Hebrew Year Ayin Tet
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