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The Hebrew Year of Pey-5780

In Hebrew, alphabetic letters have both number values and also prophetic pictures.

We are in the new Decade of 80s (5780-5789), the year of Pey- 5780. This year began on 29th September 2019 with the feast Rosh Hashanah and will run through to September 2020.


17th alphabet letter

Numeric value of 80

Prophetic picture of the mouth

Last decade, the 70s - Ayin- was about the Eye (seeing, insight, glimpse of what is ahead, etc)

This decade, the 80s - Pey- will be about the Mouth (speach, taste, declarations, experience, etc)

Pey: 17th Hebrew alphabet letter.

The number 17 means overcoming victory. The word victory exists because it denotes the presence of a battle.

Reference: the book of Joshua.

Moses has died and God has promised Joshua that He will be with him just as He was with Moses. The Israelites at this time had some issues that they needed to deal with; they were facing the Jordan river at a time of many waters and the promised land was occupied with giants.

The Israelites needed to fight and drive out the people living in the Promised Land before they possess it.

We many times need to fight in order to possess what belonged to us. Manifestation calls for some sort of fight. Forget about the past victory. It will not rescue you. The gone battle was all about getting out of bondage. The enemy was behind you, chasing after you to hold you back in slavery. Now, the enemy is before you, trying to lock you out of your promise.

Your target is now to take by force what belongs to you in Jesus name.

Giants are living in your promise. You can't fight with what is ahead of you in the same manner that you fought against the enemy chasing after you. Every battle has it's own kind trademark, it's own fighting strategies and also it's own kind of victory. Let us allow the Lord to teach and to guide us in the battles that we fight then we will have victory in His name.

This is a word for this season.

Letter Pey has a numeric value of 80

Examples of where we find the number 80 in the bible:

  • Moses was 80 when he was commissioned to go to Pharaoh the words: “Let My people go.“

  • The prophet Daniel was also 80 years old at the time of the banquet prepared by Belshazzar, where he had to interpret the prophecy written on the wall. Daniel 5

  • Our days are numbered. King David points out that for those who are strong they may live to count 80 years. (Ps 90, 10)

*Context determines the meaning of numbers

Hebrew Calender 5780: Pey (80) consists of 8 and 0 which have different meanings. Put together, they can signify: speech, manifestation, multiplication, harvest, words, voice, expression, creation, new beginnings, taste, experience, etc depending on the context.

*N/B: Zero on its own doesn’t have a value, such that you can equate it to nothingness. When it is placed behind another number it increases/multiples the quantity of the number. 

Gregorian Calendar 2020: 20 can represents leadership, manhood, cycles of completeness, authority, maturity, etc

The number 2 can also denote

  • a choice aspect: life or death eg. 2 trees, one of life and the other of death (in Genesis).

  • conflict or division eg. one house can't have two masters

  • unity: 2 becoming 1- two people can't walk together unless they agree. Two are better than one. Eve was added to Adam for company- multiplication occured in their family as they bore children

  • witnessing: Jesus commissioned the disciples in 2s to go and be witnesses to the world

Pey is a prophetic picture of the mouth

We use the mouth to talk, speak, declare words, eat, experience, etc It is one thing to look at food but another to put it in your mouth and taste it.

...Moses saw the promised land but Joshua tasted its fruits.

...David had a glimpse of the existence of the temple that needed to be built but his son Solomon experienced the building of the Temple.

Some Trademarks of the year Pey

Speech: With the mouth one expresses what is in his heart. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34). It will be a good season to study the word of God and to meditate on it day and night. What we store inside is what we normally confess. We need to protect what we hear or see as much as we can so that we will not corrupt our spirit. Just as we eat food so should we learn to eat the word of God. Both the word of God and physical food are life to us. Feed your body and your spirit well as to glorify the Lord for both belong to Him. We are stewards of what we have.

Written words- Writing your thoughts is a way of talking too. The Bible is written words but it talks to us. The Bible is alive even today. It will be a season where it will be important to write as the Lord speaks to us. Write the vision you have for it shall come to pass.

Communication- includes both speaking and hearing. 80-pey also represents Prayer. We love praying but what is sad is that we have redefined Prayer to being a monologue. God meant prayer to be a dialogue. It is two way. Talk with God and not just to God. When we communicate with God we position ourselves to be a voice that the Lord can speak through. We are God’s mouthpiece. God speaks through us but we can only clearly and accurately reflect His voice if we can clealy hear Him talk to us.

Witnessing: Jesus commisioned His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything He had commanded them. Matthew 28:19

Be a witness. Share your experiences and testimonies with people are around you... and work towards making your life reflect the Jesus whom you know for actions speak louder than words.

The harvest is indeed plentiful, but the laborers are few. So, Go Ye and prepare a way for the Lord: as we go where He leads us, the Lord will tell us what to say.

Be a voice like Moses. He was a stammerer but God gave him a voice as he commissioned him.

Be the voice in the desert that will shout "prepare ye the way for the Lord." Just like John.

I don't know about you but behind me, I have a wilderness that I just came out from. I seem not to be able to shut my mouth after experiencing God’s goodness. He has been God to me.

Important things first. Get a relationship with Jesus, make sure you can communicate with Him then you can be a witness where you are or where He will send you to. It will be effective. What benefit is it to you if you help people to go to heaven while you are heading to hell?

This is how effective Pauls ministry was based on his relationship with the Lord: 'Seven sons of a Jewish chief priest were driving out evil spirits.. They would say, “In the name of the Jesus whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out.” ' Acts 19

We can't depend on other people’s relationship with the Lord to carry us through. Get your own relationship with the Lord and He will gladly work in and through you. He has been waiting long for you to invite Him in your life.

Manifestation: This season is about experiencing/living what the Lord has already shown us. We will use a lot of what the Lord showed us in the past decade to give us wisdom in our speech and declarations in this decade. This does not mean that we should get stuck in yesterday. let us stay alert for when the Lord moves, we should move too if and when He directs us to do so. Wisdom we will need in our choice of words because behind the scenes, words create. God created every single visible thing using words from His mouth. Words Manifest.

Speech covers what comes from our mouth but also words directed to us from the mouths of other people. Realise the power of the tongue. Your mouth holds life and death. Don't allow what your see to influence your speech. Mirror God’s words over all situations.

Discern when to be 'Voiceless' - keep quiet - shut up when you need to. In a multitude of words transgression is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is prudent. Proverbs 10: 19

Food for thought: what do u listen to? who is your mentor? and who speaks into your life? You become the words that you constantly confess or hear.

Book: My Walk and My Talk by Yvonne Gonschorek


  • We are getting ready to see a rise of new strong and fearless voices. This breed of voices will walk in what the Bible discribes as ‘no eyes have seen and no ear has heard’. God has been and is preparing them and they have already began to lift up their voices as we look forward to the coming of Christ.

  • Some voices will be silenced in this season so we should search ourselves and be sure not to be found wanting. Judgement is going on in the body of Christ.

  • There will be more witnessing (more labourers) and more harvest than ever before so I encourage all of us to be active where God has placed us in this season. Grace has been made available for this.

  • This point is not a secret. There is a great and massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit both on the young and the old. This calls for a walk by faith and not by sight. Where the Holy Spirit is, He leads and we follow.

  • Many have a habit of following men of God eg. pastors, prophets, etc. so as to hear from the Lord. The Bible says that we all have access to Jesus and also to God so we can hear for ourselves and also to allow God to talk through whatever way He chooses. Let us not depend on other people to hear for us for we will also be open to deception.

  • I believe that we are in a time where many will be standing on crossroads being promted to choose which way to follow. Playing one foot in and one foot out is getting out of fashion. Choose life or death. I vote for following God wholeheartedly.

  • It's time to search ourselves, to judge ourselves so the world won't judge us. But again allow fellow christians to judge us in love when we go wrong. We are each other’s keeper. Don't just live for yourself, look around you and help your brother too. Work towards taking people to heaven with you.

  • Many of us already had a glimpse of what is ahead and some heard from other sources what the Lord has in store for us. Now its time to conqure land by force and occupy what belongs to us. What the Lord promised to give us. Battles will surely come but it won't stop the victory that the Lord has pre-planned for us. Be encouraged.

My prayer is that we will "live the word" according to what the Lord has planned for our lives.


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